Did you know that 1 in 5 people worldwide have a hearing loss, and 86% of those with hearing loss in the UK are not aware of it? We didn’t until we met Colin & Claudia from Hearing Diagnostics Limited.

Both growing up impacted by the challenges of hearing loss, they joined forces to drive and implement meaningful change for individuals affected the same way. So, Hearing Diagnostics was born.

Since then, Hearing Diagnostics has developed innovative tests for hearing loss at the core of which is analysing patients’ head movements in response to sounds. …

Two pairs of feet standing on a pavement in front of words that read ‘passion led us here.’
Two pairs of feet standing on a pavement in front of words that read ‘passion led us here.’

International Women’s Day calls on us every year to come together and challenge inequalities, debunk stigmas and celebrate the wonderful women all around us. We remember those who have stood up to oppression and celebrate leading women in various industries, but maybe more recently, we’re also able to stop to admire the creative campaigns that wonderfully express the power of women.

So, since this year’s theme for International Women’s Day is Choose to Challenge, we thought we would applaud some campaigns over the years that have challenged stereotypes, stigma, and celebrated women for what they really are — downright awesome.

We are delighted to announce that Tayburn have been appointed by Scottish Rugby to design and develop their new website — helping them deliver sports destination websites not only for Scottish Rugby, but across the group including GUINNESS PRO14 teams Edinburgh Rugby and Glasgow Warriors.

Over the coming months, we will be working closely with Scottish Rugby to re-develop their web presence — delivering an online matchday experience, developing a suite of sites that house and showcase engaging content and create a platform that provides sponsors greater opportunities for involvement. …

Let’s start off easy…tell us a little bit about yourself…

I graduated in Digital Interaction Design in 2014 and decided to study for a PGDE in Art and Design to teach at secondary schools. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to work as a designer or teach it...

Soon after teaching for a year at a school in Glasgow, I decided I wanted to have a career as a designer as I missed doing certain things — working on briefs, design/prototyping tools and problem-solving creatively. After I left teaching, I worked for a tech company called Luminis which was based in The Netherlands — creating content and travelling throughout…

The Royal Bank Entrepreneur Accelerator, which powers entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business, is providing a brand development and digital marketing package of support alongside Edinburgh based agency Tayburn. The Accelerator provides entrepreneurs with insight, challenge, support and networking to take their business further, and faster over a 6 month programme.

The bank operates 12 accelerators across the UK. All focus on the importance of community, network and coaching to create a bespoke learning journey that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs in the past few years.

Stuart Dearden, the Entrepreneur Development Manager in Edinburgh was keen to engage with…

January 15th.

That’s the date that 95% of us who have made a New Year’s resolution have broken them by - is yours still intact? If so, congratulations for getting this far, you’re almost half-way.

However, after an array of fitness-focused resolutions over the past few years, I thought 2018 was maybe going to be the year that I became a part of that 95% - by taking on the challenge to quit social media.

But why…?

Ah…the question I get asked immediately after telling someone I am no longer on social media (which for me personally was Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

We are delighted to announce that our very own Design Director, Gregor Matheson, will be recognised as one of the 100 most influential people in the digital industry by BIMA.

The BIMA 100 recognises the people who are shaping the future of the UK’s digital industry. Nominated by BIMA members and subject to rigorous scrutiny and selection by BIMA, the final list of 100 individuals represents the best and brightest of Britain’s digital talent.

Gregor will be honoured as one of BIMA’s Rising Stars - a category celebrating the future leaders of our industry and ‘ones to watch’ - either…

How much is a brand worth? It’s an age-old question that sits alongside other debates relating to returns on investment in marketing. In attempting to overcome misperceptions as the practitioners of “dark arts,” many agencies have developed proprietary methodologies that attempt to measure the actual monetary value of a brand. This is an effective means of creating an asset on a company’s balance sheet however, it is still a largely subjective exercise.

Brand valuation indices are impressively scientific and the companies that feature in their studies of most valuable brands have been proven to outperform the companies listed in other…

Richard Simpson Looks At How Brands Can Learn From CrossFit

So I have a new obsession outside of Tayburn. And it’s called CrossFit.

Although this relatively new sport is gaining quite a bit of awareness and certainly has an international following, there is a healthy mystique around it due to its generalist nature.

If I were to pose the question, “Who is the fittest person in the world?”, what would your answer be? Olympian triathletes the Brownlee brothers have to be up there. Tour De France champion, Chris Froome has a ridiculous level of stamina. And what about the gymnasts?

Scottish brand and digital agency, Tayburn, has announced a change to its ownership and leadership structure following a management buyout and the retirement of its long-standing Finance Director

These developments see co-owners Simon Farrell, Malcolm Stewart and Richard Simpson become equal Partners, with Bill Davidson stepping down after nearly 30 years managing the agency’s finances.

Tayburn Partner, Malcolm Stewart, commented: “This announcement marks the culmination of a carefully planned transition that has seen Tayburn now come under full ownership of the executive team that runs the business.”

“We’ve refocused the business, building on our reputation for and ability to help…


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